Wednesday, December 22, 2010


     Jesus was asked by James and John if He would give them what they asked for, and when they revealed the desire of their heart, Jesus replied it was not His to give. (Mk. 10:35ff)   Also in the context of this discussion, Jesus tells His disciples those who seek to be first shall be last, and those who look to be the greatest among men, shall be the servant of all.  This is said to prepare the disciples for their work, for their authority will not be as the authority of the gentiles.
     In our lives today we must prepare for service in the Lord's kingdom.  Instead of looking to see how great we can become, we are to set our hearts on becoming servants.  A servant is not looked upon very highly in worldly circles, for they are often seen as inferior to others without much hope of improvement.  But Jesus has changed all that.  
     In the closing words of this discourse with the disciples, Jesus looked to His own purpose for being among men, with His death still in the future.  Jesus simply said He did not, "come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." (Mk. 10:45)  How was this to be done?  Through the many acts of compassion Jesus showed to man, and the love He showed to man.  This enabled man to see the true heart of God through the Son.
     Jesus did not seek His own glory, but to glorify the Father.  He did not seek riches or fame, but gave Himself to the needs of man, ultimately as a sacrifice for the sins of man.  Who is that we imitate today?  Do we act more like James and John seeking what is good for us, or a favored position in glory?  Or do we imitate the heart of Jesus that says I am not here to be served, but to serve. 
     It is sometimes difficult to get people out of their comfort areas to do the Lord's work, but if we are in the kingdom we are to be workers in His vineyard.  Jesus left His home in glory in order to teach us about God and to let us see God in His life.  Are we willing to sacrifice comfort to do the Lord's work, and do it as servants willingly, so that God may be seen in us?
     If we are going to be the mirror image of Christ, we should live as He lived, and we should serve as he served.  Now is the time to ready our hearts for the work needing to be done, and be prepared to enter 
into His service with joy so the reward of eternal life is given to the many we have the privilege of serving.

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