Tuesday, July 5, 2011


     There may be many thoughts which lay beneath the surface when the blushing bride comes to mind.  It may be the prolonged kiss at the altar, causing a bit of embarrassment.  Or perhaps the point in time when the garter belt is thrown, though that may be a bit too old fashioned for some to remember.  You may have your own reason for remembering the blushing bride.  I fear however, we have have come to a time when the bride no longer blushes.
     The ever changing social attitudes have taken a once loud voice and brought it largely to silence.  The women of our land who spoke loudly against attacks on motherhood, homemakers, and the mistreatment of women in various ways, are now the very same voices who allow such attacks to be tolerated and often times overlooked.  The women of this world no longer blush or stand ashamed of the lifestyles that are now the norm in their lives.
     The prophet Jeremiah spoke about this problem in his day (Jer. 6:15; 8:12).  Jeremiah was not speaking in general terms regarding women but more specifically against the prophets and priests who were unfaithful in their service to God.  There is however, an application to be made more broadly to the words of Jeremiah.  Since Jeremiah was speaking to the covenant children who served under the Law of Moses, let us make application to the bride of the new covenant, the church.
     Jeremiah speaks the words of God against those who were offering a superficial healing by crying "peace peace," when there is no peace (6:14; 8:11).  Preachers today will many times stand in the pulpit and preach of God's love and grace while not addressing sinful behavior taking place in the body.  This is not solely the responsibility of the preacher, but he certainly bears that responsibility.  We certainly need God's grace and His love but not at the expense of losing souls through a watered down gospel. 
     More and more the worldly elements of immorality are creeping into the church through many ways, and yet we don't seem to mind.  Faithful parents as well as preachers faithful to the word are becoming the exception in the church today, no longer the norm.  That is a disturbing trend that needs to stop.  We must all be mindful of our own lives and look to the welfare of others.  Young people in the body of Christ need to return to a more modest way of life and turn away from the forms of entertainment that should be causing them to blush, and yet seem to be looked upon as acceptable behavior.  Older people need to be doing this as well.
     When someone today gets embarrassed by what they heard or saw, they are looked upon as out of touch and old fashioned.  But the truth of God's word is not going to change.  That goes beyond the teaching concerning our salvation to the daily lifestyle we follow.  What we must really understand is that when Jeremiah was telling the Lord's people they had forgotten how to blush, they were not being complimented for their maturity in now being able to accept and tolerate certain behavior.  They were being chastised for their disobedience and warned of the impending judgment against them.
     The church today, the chosen lady (2 John 1), needs to stand in defense of what is right according to God's standard, so we may truly be the mirror image of His purity and holiness.  There are images all around us that should be making us blush.  After all, we are the bride of Christ.   Rodger

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