Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Family of God

Many people use the phrase, "Blood is thicker than water."  It is a true saying but as a youth minister said years ago, "So is milk."  When the phrase about blood is used, it generally is to show the strength of the family bond as it exists between parents and their children, as well as other family members.

But is blood of mere man thicker or more powerful than the blood of Christ?  Why do we place such faith in the blood of men when it was Jesus who died on the cross?  Isn't it the blood of Jesus that cleanses us of our sin and doesn't that cleansing go deep even to the conscience?  If we are going to boldly state the power of  the blood we must make sure we are speaking of the blood of Christ and not our grandparents or parents.

This truth was brought home to me again recently when it was said by some how sad it was when people put their job ahead of family.  In many situations this is true.  No job is more important than my children and most certainly not more important than my wife.  However, my current position is as a minister of the gospel.  In that position I must stand firmly on the word of God as is the case for any who claim to be a child of God.

When I hold my children accountable for their actions, it is not just simply as a father, but in cases of sin, as a Christian brother.  What we often seem to overlook is the family of God.  While I am the father of seven biological children, with one safe in the keeping of God,  my heavenly Father is the creator of us all.  When I hold my children to a godly standard, I do so because that is the standard they will ultimately answer to.  No one can escape the watchful eye of God, and no one is exempt from a repentant lifestyle before Him.

What is recorded in God's word is not just for me, it is for all of us.  When I put on Jesus in baptism I am added by God to the church for which Jesus died.  When my children put on Jesus in baptism, they are added to the same church.  Though I am their earthly father, I am now their spiritual brother.  While there may be certain household rules laid down by me as a father and their mother, God's word has already established the guidelines we are to follow as members of His spiritual family.  As is the case with all who make up the church, we become accountable to one another, and most certainly are held to account by God.

It is not a question of liking my job more than family or wanting to hold my job over family matters.  It is a question of godliness and if sin is present it must be dealt with biblically.  I have lost positions as a minister because I wanted people to face their sin, when others in the church did not hold God's standard as the authoritative word it is.

I try not to allow my personal beliefs or desires cloud my judgment in spiritual matters.  I must be true to my heavenly Father.  You must be true as well.  So let us hold fast to the banner of love that is God's word and let us truly be the family of God.  Rodger

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