Wednesday, May 1, 2013

                                     THE UNDERSTANDING HEART
    Without the ability to communicate we would be in dire straits.  Every facet of life is affected by communicating.  But there is a reason communication is important.  Without communication there can be no understanding.
     I recently talked with my granddaughter on the phone.  Talking with a two year old is difficult at best but even more so when on the phone long distance.  I considered it quite an accomplishment to be able to understand her words though they were not very clear.  We could not have communicated if I failed to understand her words.
     The same is true with God's word.  God reveals to us His will and has written in such a way that is understandable.  This past week at the detention center a young man was baptized, and another expressed a desire to be baptized.  As one understands the need for baptism, it will require growth to fully understand the blessings of the new life and the walk that has been undertaken by the new man.
     When we talk about understanding we are talking about something that effects each and every one of us.  When Jesus says, "Who hath ears to hear, let him hear" (Mt. 13:9), He means for those who hear His words to understand them.  Teachings that are not understood cannot be properly applied, and therefore have no spiritual value.
     Solomon writes of one who is happy when he gets understanding (Prov. 3:13).  This understanding Solomon speaks of is tied directly to God's teachings and the wisdom it provides through understanding God's word.  This theme is repeated often throughout Proverbs, and also is recorded in New Testament Scripture.
     Paul tells the Ephesian brethren not to walk as other Gentiles do, for their understanding is darkened by not doing what God wants them to do.  For the Ephesians the application is that to have their hearts blinded to God's truth so as not to obey it, alienates them from God and the life He provides through Jesus Christ.  That same exhortation also applies to us.
     Matters of the heart are focused on a heart that understands God's word and does it.  This application is individual as well collective in view of the body of Christ.  Understanding can come only through study and a growth in knowledge.  God provides us with understanding (1 John 5:20) as we study and realize true faithfulness is based on an understanding heart.  Rodger

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